lördag 15 oktober 2011


A big big THANK YOU to everyone who came and saw my KärleksMonster at Kulturnatten yesterday!
Friends and family, your love and support means so much! *hugs*

Some of my paintings.

Fellow Think-Ink:er Amanda with her Stefan :)

 Bo Ashi, Johnie, Linnea and Stoffe socializing! XDD (imaginary champagne)

My Mom and I :D 

I'm very content with the outcome!
A lot of people said they appreciated my pictures, that they were fun and thoughtful. I heard a lot of giggles and chatting about my KärleksMonster, and a few people came up to me and said that they recognised themselves a lot in the pictures :) That makes me happy!
The goal with my KärleksMonsters is to bring people smiles, and I really do feel that I've achieved my goal! :D

Above are some of the prints I've ordered through a print-shop. They're a limited edition!! Make sure you get one! ;D

A thank you to those of you who supported my art buy buying paintings, prints, fanzines and books!
I will update my shop at my webpage soon enough, and post the remaining pictures that are available for sale.

I have a lot more ideas for KärleksMonster pictures, I find inspiration in my everyday life, with the love from friends and family!
Thank you all for brightening my life!

I hope ya'll have a pleasent weekend!
Now I'm going to eat some supper and watch TV with my hubby X33

Love, peace, over 'n out!


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  1. Vilken fancy hörna du fick! Hur länge pågår det här så man kanske kan ta sig en titt, eller är det redan över? ÓxÒ

    // -T.W-