måndag 13 februari 2012

Paris with my Darling!

Yes, after our visit at the comics-festival in Angouleme Anders and I stayed three nights in Paris.
This was our first vacation together, only him and I, and we really had a good time. Lots to see and eat :3 And, a LOT of walking! We only took the Metro once, otherwise we just walked and walked and walked all over :)) Loved it!

Isn't this cute? The locks have names on them :)

 Monday, we spent 5 hours at Louvren! Soooo much stuff!

Sailor Moon!! XD

My favourite sculptures of all time. It's simply breath-taking!

I have seen her twice now. I'm still .. unimpressed.

 This is my favourite painting at Louvren! :D Fell in love the first time I saw her (two years ago).

 At first, I was impressed by the HUGE amount of items on display at Louvren, from several continents..
But, then I got pretty angry.. Seriously, there were TOO MUCH of EVERYTHING! How many coffins are left in Egypt? How many statues are left in Greece? Shouldn't France give back what they stole during the imperial era? :(

 Booty! ;D
 Hotel D' Ville :)
 Notre Dame

 A French manga cafe! :D I was impressed by how many volumes of manga there is translated into french!

This was probably the biggest "proof of globalization" I've experienced in a while; A Japanese restaurant, run by Chinese (they didn't understand Japanese), in Paris with British punk rock playing :)

 We walked up to Sacre Cur (how's that spelled?) on Tuesday. 

 What a view! We were lucky; the sun broke through! Beautiful! :)

 In löööve! :)

 Crêpe with nutella! :DDD Yum!
 The bar from the "Amelie"-movie. :) (One of Ander's faves)

We were good artists and went to several museums during our trip to France!

 Huge shopping-mall; Lafayette!

 Printemps was even more "exclusive" : DDD  

  Feeling like a pure "Hollywood-wife" XD
(I've worked very hard, for a long time, saved up money, and paid my handbag MYSELF, mind you! X33)

HUGE marräng! :D 

 View from our hotel. We stayed in the area called "Luxembourg". 


This was one SWEET dessert! I couldn't even finish mine!

Now, I'm back to reality, and spending most of my time studying.. (Have to catch up the week I've missed when I was in France!)

Love, Peace over 'n out!


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