torsdag 15 mars 2012

All cleaned up!

Enjoyed spending some time cleaning the two ponies I bought Monday.
It took a lot of careful scrubbing and then conditioner in their manes mostly did the trick! :))

Isn't she pretty? A 1982 Italian My Little Pony. She's thirty and cute as a button! X3
Which means she's much older than me, but I looked more worn out -_-"

Also, I didn't know what "kind" the green one was, but I knew Lemon Drop (the yellow one) since I have anotherone, so I googled "1982 my little pony" and found out that this little missy (her name is "Minty") is a YEAR ONE pony!! :DDD I am THRILLED!  I hadno clue! This is a true treasure! 


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