tisdag 22 maj 2012

Hasta La Vista!

I know I'm slow on updates, and I really need to bring you guys one from the comic's festival in Stockholm, but it's just crazy with school ATM.. Been at my Mom's house in the country since Thursday just studying like crazy.. I really have to pass this exam (international economics) tomorrow, since I'll be in the US (yay!) when the re-take is..
Oh, well.. stress stress stress.. (︶︹︺)

Anyways, I've promised myself (and my boyfriend) I won't by any more My Little Pony's until we've moved (which will be, hopefully, this summer), and I'm coping very well with my craving.. Instead of going to Ebay I'm spending some time on different MLP-blogs. It's less expensive, and very inspiering. Colorful plastic ponies really help my mood when I've run out on motivation to study.. Maybe I should treat myself to one when I'm done with school? .. Naaah, I better not, but I reall want to!
On my (huge) wish list;
Quaterback! :D I just looove all the Big Brother ponies, and I wished I had more of them :)

I "borrowed" this picture here.

Here at the country, I'm without my preciousssss plasic ponies (insert Gollum-voice) and have to "make do" with my Mom's lovely new horse; a three year-old called "Hasta La Vista", or for short; Frasse. He's GORGEOUS!! *hearts* I'm really looking forward to get some serious illustrations/paintings/watercolor-pieces done of this baby! (。’▽’。)♡

Checking out the ladies on the other side of the fence ; D

Well, that's that for now.. Better get back to studying.. Can hardly wait 'til I get my summer "vacation" (of school, on the job)



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