lördag 5 maj 2012

More Kodachi-con!

First day is over and I'm on my way home to get some well deserved rest before the crazy begins again tomorrow morning. Have had an annoying, persistent cold all week, and after the auction, there is hardly any voice left in me.. Was a LOT of fun, though! :D Almost 100 items! (I got the manga Mars (15 volumes) for 100 kr! Yay me!)
Also, a few more comissions. It's so much fun to draw things I usually don't and try new things :))

I was one of the cosplay-judges this year. So much fun! So many amazing costumes! :D I miss cosplaying sooo much, but I feel inspired to do one.. Just have to decide on which one to do..

Also, lastly, a shot of how badass I've looked all day, rocking my boyfriend's cap and my Alena t-short (which doesn't show the print in this pic..)


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