fredag 17 januari 2014

Dream come true - doujinshi!!

(this blog entry will be in English as it is first most targeted at my non-Swedish readers)

Making and printing a doujinshi (Japanese for fanzine) and selling at a Japanese comic convention has been a big dream for many years. And now; IT HAS ARRIVED! Or well, the first two of four boxes have :) 

Happiness in a box! (or well, two of them)


This comic is a Japanese version of One Mocca Latte for a frozen soul, please (in Japanese; 冷えた心にカフェモカを) and is translated by my Japanese class mate Kosuke. (Big shout out!) 
It is a very dear and personal comic to me as it is a  autobiographic story about friendship; about losing someone, but how when this happens a new person steps into your life. 
It's a a5-format, printed on light blue paper. 

This is my first My Little Pony-fan book!
It's called 魔法のポニー  in Japanese which means "mahou pony" (magical ponies). I have been a huge MLP fan ever since I was a kid, and I have more ponies in my collection at home than I dare to voice in this blog. This is a 20 page illustrated book, with the My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic ponies transformed into lovely mahou shoujo (magical girls (like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura)). It features the main six ponies + Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. 
B5-format, with a lovely "pearl" finish on the cover. kira kiraaa~!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

I will bring Cafe Mocca to COMITIA 107 at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo on the 2nd of February! :D The MLP doujinshi will have to stay at my dormroom for the time being as Comitia is a original-comic convention.

If any of my currently-in-Japan/Japanese-friends are interested in a copy before I ship them to Sweden please let me know via email or Facebook.

Tonight I'm celebrating in my dorm room, with a slight fever and headache, finishing up a report, but I bring you some catchy, nostalgic tunes;

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