måndag 22 augusti 2011

Malmöfestivalen with Terebi Ge-mu pt.2

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday! Especially all the awesome cosplayers!

Sadly, we had a tight time-restriction, but I hope ya'll had fun :)
There was tons of cool music as well, and I danced around with my Mangakai Lund friends for a while :) Good times!

Now, I'm soon about to leave to meet my new classmates in Lund. For the first time. Gawd, I'm nervous!!
I haven't studied at a University before, so this is all new to me.. Iiiiiik~! I'm very anxious, but I'm sure it'll be tons of fun as well :)

And, another "saxophone" song (is this a treand or what?):

Hugs, Peace, Love, over 'n out!


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