onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Sneek peak at NA's mother! ;D

I'm DONE with my accounting exam! :DD (let's all pray I've passed ^^;)
The next one's on Friday (as in, the day after tomorrow), and I reeeeeally have to study.. But, it's really hard to focus right now though, after all the studying I've done lately, and I really slipped today and finished inking this picture..

A detail from one of the pictures of the latest project I'm working on;

This is the mother of the main character. LOVED inking her hair! X3

Now, I really really really need to start reading so I can pass my exam on Friday.. sigh..
Drawing's soooo much more fun!

Love, peace, over 'n out!


I've listened to this song on REPEAT the last few days, just to get into fighting study spirit! X3 Yosh! I can do iiiiit!!

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