lördag 11 maj 2013

Flea market happiness! :D

I do go to flea markets as often as I can. It's a big thrill for me. A big pony (and other pretty things) treasure hunt! :D I usually don't get lucky, but last weekend my friend Anna and I hit the jackpot! :D

I've washed and styled them as good as I could, but the pink staines at the Bridal pony and Sparkler (other side of her head) won't come of.. I suspect that they're evil 90's lipstick stains..  Sparkler's mane is cut, the princess pony's is as well (also someone has been entertained by cutting of all the glitter? (why!?))
On the other hand, the rockin' beat pony is in great condition and even has a bit of her "waffled" hairstyle left! Yay! And, for 10 kronors a piece, I couldn't help "saving" them all. (I even haggled and got the wedding pony for a fiver! ;D)


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